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Low Impact Development Planning & Construction

At Atlas Green Works, we’re passionate about creating sustainable communities that protect the environment for future generations. As your partner in Low Impact Development (LID) planning and construction, we're dedicated to implementing development practices that minimize disturbance, reduce the risk of flooding, and protect valuable water resources.

Get in touch with us today at (818) 424-6582 or to learn how we can help you create a more sustainable development project that meets your needs and protects the environment.

Our Low Impact Development Planning & Construction Services

Low impact development (LID) is designed to manage stormwater on site in a way that mimics natural processes as much as feasible and to reduce the amount of runoff that leaves the site. This typically involves various techniques that infiltrate stormwater through the soil substrate (a matrix of soil, gravel, cobble mix) and eventually into the groundwater water supply system. This matrix also has the benefit of filtering pollutants out of the water as it moves very slowly towards the groundwater. This is also known as “bioretention”. Excess water that exceeds the water holding capacity of the site can be directed for re-use on the site – typically for landscape irrigation, but also for non-drinking water purposes. Excess water can also be routed to other off-site “bioretention” areas. Another major element of LID development is to minimize non-permeable surfaces on the site, e.g., concrete and asphalt pavement and to plant as many long-lived trees on site as possible where water can be stored in the trees and slowly move through the tree through a process known as evapotranspiration.

The goal of LID is to mimic a site's predevelopment hydrology by using design techniques that infiltrate, filter, store, evaporate, and detain runoff close to the source of rainfall. LID practices reduce the amount of stormwater reaching a surface water system thus helping to maintain natural stream channel functions and habitat. Groundwater Recharge. Stormwater runoff that travels through pipes and drains into surface waters cannot soak into the ground.

Low impact development techniques can be designed and constructed in every type or scale of development whether it is a park, a street improvement, residential or commercial or industrial park developments.

We offer a range of consulting services to help our clients build sustainable communities that reduce their impact on the environment and surrounding ecosystems.

Our LID related services include:

  • Urban greening planning
  • Community based planning
  • Urban/streetscape and landscape design
  • Construction and project management
  • Value engineering and contract administration
  • Environmental education programs
  • …and more!

With our services, you can create a development project that meets your goals for the short and long term. We provide developers with the guidance and facilitation they need for sustainable and future-focused planning and construction.

Build Sustainable Communities with Low Impact Development Design

At Atlas Green Works, we're dedicated to helping communities implement sustainable solutions that protect the environment and enhance the quality of life for residents. Our team works closely with developers, individuals, and local institutions to develop customized LID design solutions that meet the community's unique needs.

From stormwater management systems implementation planning to green infrastructure project management, we'll provide everything you need to create a sustainable development project that promotes healthy ecosystems and protects the environment for future generations.

Trustworthy Experience for Your Low-Impact Development Project

We have extensive knowledge of landscape and urban design, with nearly 40 years of hands-on experience in the field.

We're committed to working with you step-by-step throughout the development process, from initial planning to construction and beyond. Our team understands that every project is unique, and we'll help you identify the best LID strategies for your specific needs.

We're more than just project managers—we're your partner in sustainability and future-proof solutions. Our team provides ongoing support throughout the implementation process, ensuring that your LID project is a success and that your community is well-equipped to tackle any environmental challenges.

Low-Impact Development Success Stories

At Atlas Green Works, we're proud to have worked on a wide range of LID projects that have positively impacted communities across the country. SEE OUR PROJECTS PAGE FOR SPECIFIC PROJECTS.

Some of the clients we've served include:

  • Conservation Corps of Long Beach
  • City of Long Beach
  • Los Angeles Conservation Corps
  • City of Los Angeles
  • City of Signal Hill

For each of these clients, we have provided eco-conscious planning and construction solutions that have successfully reduced disruption to the local environment while creating spaces that foster community growth.

Schedule Your Low Impact Development Consultation Today

If you're planning a development project and want to ensure that it's sustainable and environmentally friendly, contact us today at (818) 424-6582 or to schedule your LID consultation. We can help you through any stage of the development process, whether you're just starting to plan or ready to break ground.

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